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The stone statues are erected in the Easter Island. We can find the origin of arts related to human beings. Their styles are very similar to the arts found in the uncivilized places such as in Africa. The structures look simple but the meaning is complicated. We can find that the four men are very strong and brave. Each shows his own attitude and looks very alive. They all seem to be waiting for someone or something happening. On the most left hand side, the man looks upon the sky and is singing a song. The second one from the left hand side does not open mouth but it looks as he is thinking of something or planning to do something. The third one from the left hand side seems to be destroyed mostly by weathering or something else. It is the highest among the four and it seems to be a leader. He looks calm and silent. The fourth one from the left is a person who seems to worry something but still looks calm. Those who can carve these faces and bodies must be those who understand our own attitudes well. The bodies look simple but strong and beautiful. The faces shows our thought and mind. So no doubt they attract our soul to appreciate them. They of course are related to our human beings' art.

C.F.Lau 10 Jun 2008

The pottery looks very rough. The shape is not symmetrical. However the curvature is very beautiful. The shape comes to spatial design and very primitive. Long long time ago people have already thought of  how to make objects beautiful. They do not care of the regular shape or some what we have learnt before but just think of how to make it beautiful. What I think that  Henry Moore had applied this idea to his sculpture for spatial design. However it seems that the pottery should have contained something more than we know.

C.F.Lau 12 Aug 2008


Chinese paintings went to the top level of art in Song Dynasty (more than 1000 years ago), or perhaps paintings in this world. The above paintings were painted by Leung Kai, he was described to be a mad man when the emperor in that period awarded a gift to him for the praise of his work, however, he hoisted it to the ceiling of a house, laughing loudly and went away. The left is a monk who is walking with light feet steps, strange face but with some deep thinking. The right is to describe the most famous poet in China living in Tang dynasty, Li Bai. The poet had great talent in making poems and highly respected attitude showing highly tolerant and merciful person, and sometimes mad. His poems were written in a very easy words even some very young children is [are] able to read but [they] contains [contain] very deep thinking, no one in China has such talent ever been seen. The above two paintings shows the same situation, very few brushings, but no one can paint in such a beautiful style showing meaningful work.   

C.F.Lau 25 Sept 2008

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