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Recovery of Arts

As the sense of ART deteriorates, some periods can be considered as for the recovery of art. In the Western, the Renaissance period and the beginning of 20th century "Modern Arts" period, I think they are the periods for the recovery of ART. Similar cases happened in the Eastern, China.

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C.F.Lau 7 Nov 2005

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Recently it is found that the step of our whole society returns to a slower way. From popular music, the rhythm slows down and emphasize the feelings of people and melody. In the last 30 years period, from mechanism to digital PC electronic world, whole society goes to a speedy non-humanism path, putting effort on the efficiency of finding ways of how to raise productivity disregards our innate power on emotional feeling. I think it is good trend to rethink and reconstruct our ways of living as well as on arts.

C.F.Lau 3 Dec 2009   



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