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From the review of history, 6000 years ago or perhaps more than this time before, people constructed a lot of things. In the construction of things, they considered the practical usage and on the other hand, there was an incentive to build a thing that they liked not only for the practical usage only. This thing made them feel better and like it. This thing is what I want to mention is "ART".

This thing to me is found to be deteriorated coming along with the human beings history. This should not be the case for children but to the adults who have gradually grown up.   

Reason: Later explanation.

C.F.Lau,   7 Oct 2005

Perhaps one reason to explain for it is that our mind has been occupied by the information told by books or other people, or nowadays fully influenced by the information from multi-medias like television or internet medias. We cannot keep in a peaceful and quiet mind to look things around us.

Some explanation related to this topic can be found from the item in the "Limitation in the recognition of the things around us".

C.F.Lau 17 July 2006

More can be found in "3-dimensional thinking with word structures"


Modern Society

Recently what leads me to think is that people in the modern world will have less and less training in motion. Just here I type the words, not use pen, ball-pen or pencil to write what I think. Writing needs more sensitive motion. In writing, one shows his/her style and characteristic with the motion of fingers and hands. In Chinese calligraphy, it needs much more sense to control fingers, hands and even the whole limb or body to justify the motion. Since powerful tools have been designed such as the invention of computer, they help people do a lot of things without using hands, or there is no need of care but we still can complete a job efficiently and effectively, people will gradually like to do things roughly without taking intensive care.

The other thing is through the internet, copy and paste is an easy job, training in serious thinking to write a passage seems to be boring job. Language art in literacy, others like music, paintings seems to be too hard to learn or it seems useless to modern people.

Of course, the love of art is innate power of human beings, it does not mean the whole part of it have been lost. 

C.F.Lau 20 Mar 2008


Recently there is a chance to listen to a series of Early Music. That is about from the years of 1100 - 1750 of western music. It is surprised to know that most of the pieces of the music are very slow, but the meaning is quite strong. The development of music is rational, meaningful and consisting of some deep thinking, reflecting different styles, or it should be said using quite of of lot of energy to think of or to immerse of power to do that making the sound interesting, meaningful and beautiful.

Nowadays the modern society changes the meanings of living, wanting new things. So the structure of whole society changes rapidly, no time to think of how to make good. The "Efficiency" is our target in modern society. However, "Arts" needs time to think and practice.

C.F.Lau  6 Feb 2009

More than that is the marketing value and democratic policy. They perhaps may also lead to this situation. I think it is an indirect effect. Something that majority people like will mean that it is superior than the other. It has a higher value because most people like it. It will become the common view of people. Those things that require great amount of time to learn or make will become difficult to survive. Arts belong to this kind. In the history, king and church had the most amount of wealth. In order to show their status, they liked some people help him/her make the most beautiful and meaningful things that they believed. In China, the kings in Tang dynasty liked Chinese Calligraphy; in Song Dynasty, kings liked paintings, In the Western,  Leonardo, Mozart, Haydn, Handel worked for kings, whereas, Bach, Telemann and many famous musicians worked for church.

C.F.Lau  30 Jul 2009


After seeing the bamboo carving in Hong Kong Museum of Art about more than half years ago, at that time felt exciting that the bamboo carving showed high skill and high expression in art in Chinese Ming dynasty. After that time, it was found that the level could not maintain and and until now, I think it is not easy to find any one who wants to learn such artwork. Traditional artwork loss is common because the artwork needs long time to learn and difficult to earn living. Modern technology makes things easy be duplicated. However, it also make original elements, particularly some art technique lose. At certain time people like to learn something and even through several generations to get some experience in learning to acquire some technique to reach the highest level. Then the level could not be maintained and some were lost. We can see the same case happened in other places, like art in Egyptian art, Greek art. Their arts are more that two thousand years ago. From their styles and their structures, they tell something and very attractive. The level in art is very deep. We can copy their shapes but it does not mean anything. We do understand that we certainly in certain environment we can do something, in other environment we cannot do anything even we want to do it. Baroque period like famous musician, J. S. Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Telemann at that period could produce such great music, no one later could produce it. It is the same like Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart could produce the great music at that period. Later no one could reach the level.

C.F.Lau  5 Aug 2015

Recently Hong Kong Science Museum had held special exhibition "Eternal Life - Exploring Ancient Egypt". In this exhibition the main target was to use modern technology to explore the conditions of mummies and so to find their living at that time. However for me was to watch the mummies and the ancient materials used by those people. These things or products consists a lot of art elements. The art in Egypt is very famous. It consists of its special styles, attractive, beautiful constructions, shows its special power in art. It is the place where we know the most ancient people show their talent in living as well as to construct beautiful things. However, it is found that this type of art was lost soon since 2000 years ago.

C.F.Lau  29 Nov 2017

For the reasons that make some types of art loss, they may come from religious, result of wars, political, technology, the change of some believes, etc.

 More: Later Explanation

C.F.Lau  1 Dec 2017

In the exhibition, two different styles of artworks:

It came from about 3000 years ago. We see the girl has a very spiritual looking, young beauty and pure mind. Around her head are ornaments with colourful and regularly triangular, dotted patterns, etc. One beautiful bird painting can be clearly seen near her heart position. The artwork came from early mind consideration of simply geometric patterns, strong colours to make things beautiful. The artwork belongs to Egypt style.

On the other hand, we have another artwork:

It came from a painting about 2150 years ago, Roman period. We can clearly see the difference between it and the previous one. We see that the painting tried to reflect the real situation that what we look what we get. In this painting, it also shows the power in brushing to make the painting beautiful. From this period, we can see the change and the old one seems never having come again.

More: Later Explanation

C.F.Lau  6 Mar 2018


In the year 2019, Hong Kong Heritage Museum held an exhibition "A History of the World in 100 Objects from the British Museum". In the exhibition there were 3 objects produced about 1900 years ago from South America Moche people who lived in the area now Peru:

We can see the man squats and sleeps to have a good rest. The whole sculpture is smooth and round to show the spirit of the man well.


This object looks strange, particularly the eye parts, not curved. In fact the whole head part was constructed in a pyramid shape. Some modern sculptures have similar style. There are also regular beautiful patterns covered its arms and chest. The object is wonderful and attractive.



This object is totally strange. Only main parts of a woman are shown, i.e. eyeballs, nose shown in dots, a mouth with strong teeth, fingers and arms, breasts of a body. These parts were reconstructed in a suitable way to represent an art structure.


More: Later Explanation

C.F.Lau  1 Jul 2022



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